Accommodation in St. Petersburg

Once you've decided to visit St. Petersburg, where to stay will be among the most important questions you have to answer. Our aim in this guide to St. Petersburg accommodation is to help you find the right sort of accommodation for your stay, in the right area and at the right price for your budget.

Even if you are planning your very first trip to St. Petersburg, and have little or no prior knowledge of the city, we hope that the information below will be sufficient to help you work out how much you can expect to spend on accommodation, and what local factors you should take into account when choosing the type of St. Petersburg accommodation you require and the specific property you wish to stay at. If you require more assistance in choosing St. Petersburg accommodation, please consider using our concierge service to get personalized help from out local travel experts.

Types of accommodation

Find out more about what to expect from the different types of accommodation available in St. Petersburg.

Accommodation by area

There is probably no more important factor than location when choosing your accommodation, so find out what St. Petersburg's different districts have to offer.

Areas of St. Petersburg's historic centre

Other areas of St. Petersburg