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Who we are

SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM is a web site operated by ZAO "SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM", a company based in St. Petersburg, Russia. ZAO "SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM" is a Joint-Stock Company formed in 2001, registered in St. Petersburg, Russia and operating under the laws of the Russian Federation.

Our staff are based in St. Petersburg and possess a first-hand knowledge of the magnificent city and the market we are talking about. From the very outset the company has combined an enthusiastic editorial team, made up of both Russians and expats, with a team of seasoned travel professionals to provide our readers with a full sense of the glories of St. Petersburg experience, and to instill a sense of trust in all our dealings with customers.

Our Goals

SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM is one of the leading English-language sources of travel information about St. Petersburg, Russia.

SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM aims to provide readers throughout the world with the most detailed up-to-date information about St. Petersburg, Russia as an attractive travel destination, and give potential travelers effective tools to plan and book their travel arrangements in St. Petersburg. We consistently employ the latest Internet technologies to share with you our love and in-depth knowledge of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, while also offering you seamless travel arrangements at bargain rates.

Our objective is to become a major driving force in making the city of St. Petersburg one of the world's most desirable and talked-about travel destinations...

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