When ZAO "SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM" was established and SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM website was launched in 2001, our goal was to promote the glorious city of St. Petersburg to incoming tourists, and to give them access to all the information, resources and services necessary for them to discover this incredible city for themselves. To this end, we gathered a team of people - designers, writers, programmers, and travel professionals – who share not only a dedication to achieving the highest professional standards in their field, but also a passion for the city they live in and a heartfelt desire to share that passion with others. In designing our website and the travel services we offer, we have always striven to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

ZAO "SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM" was registered as a company in 2001, registration number (OGRN): 1037800049891.


Over the last decade, SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM has taken a leading position among St. Petersburg's providers of inbound travel services, and become perhaps the most popular resource on the Web for people seeking information about the city of St. Petersburg. We are happy to report that our meticulous attention to detail and to customer satisfaction has paid off – reflected in the ever increasing amount of positive feedback we receive from our customers and the users of our site.

We have succeeded in building excellent relationships with St. Petersburg's best hotels in all classes, as well as with local travel businesses, restaurants, transport companies, and visa support services.

Our project is constantly evolving: every year we add new sections and articles, expand our photo, video and panorama collections, introduce additional services and poll our users for more feedback.


So, what does the future hold for SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM?

We expect to capitalize on our leading position among tourist information sites. It remains our goal to expand and enhance our website to offer our customers a truly comprehensive online resource serving all the needs of travellers coming to St. Petersburg.

We envisage a comprehensive and interconnected system for our users that will allow them, among other things:

  • to plan what to see and when
  • to find the right accommodation at the best possible price
  • to arrange transport, tour guides, and business assistants
  • to book restaurants and tickets for entertainment and cultural events in advance
  • to gain a vivid picture of St. Petersburg online with our huge collection of maps, multimedia and visual resources
  • to find answers to all their questions about visiting St. Petersburg

To achieve these goals, we will continue to enhance the content of our website to provide quality customer assistance through dedicated team of experts.