St. Petersburg concierge service

Our concierge service is here to make your life easier in St. Petersburg. Whether its making travel arrangements tailored to your specific needs, finding the perfect venue and program for a special occasion, making first contact on your behalf with Russian businesses or other organizations, or tracking down a rare Russian book or souvenir, our local experts are at your service.

At Saint-Petersburg.Com, our aim is to help independent travellers find the most comprehensive information and best travel services available in St. Petersburg. We strive to make our website the largest online source of advice and information about all aspects of travel in St. Petersburg, but still we receive a number of emails and phones calls every day asking for assistance with all manner of queries and requirements. More than most destinations in Europe, Russia is a challenge for independent travellers to navigate without local knowledge and language skills. Trying to arrange anything beyond the most traditional tourism can be very time-consuming and frustrating.

To make it simpler for you to access the expert local knowledge and organizational services of our staff, we have decided to introduce this new Concierge Service. By sending us your concierge request, you will be able to benefit from our local experts' years of experience and in-depth knowledge of travelling and living in St. Petersburg, helping you to find the optimal solution to your St. Petersburg needs.

Please note: Our concierge service is designed to deal with complex requests that require considerable attention from our travel experts. This is a paid service, currently available at very reasonable introductory rates. However, if you have a simple query about booking or travel arrangements or want basic free-of-charge advice, please contact us here.