Suburbs of St. Petersburg

While St. Petersburg itself has more than enough to keep visitors entertained and absorbed for countless days of sightseeing, the city's surroundings are also rich in places of interest, from spectacular Imperial Estates that showcase the extravagance and opulent tastes of the Romanov Tsars to relics of Northern Russia's medieval principalities, which provide a charming contrast to the more ornate treasures of St. Petersburg. Our out-of-town sightseeing guide provides full travel information as well as in-depth descriptions of the history and architecture of the finest day-trip destinations from St. Petersburg.

Imperial Estates

St. Petersburg's most famous suburban attractions are the fabulous parks and palaces built as summer residences by generations of Romanov Tsars. Explore two centuries of history and architectural grandeur at St. Petersburg's magnificent Imperial estates.

  • PeterhofPeter I's Russian Versaille is famed for its spectacular park and fountains.
  • PushkinHome to two glorious palaces, a splendid park, and the world-famous Amber Room.
  • PavlovskTown has the most extensive and charming park of all St. Petersburg's palaces.
  • GatchinaThis lesser known estate has a remarkable range of historic buildings.
  • LomonosovAttractions include the baroque Grand Palace and the charming Chinese Palace.