St. Petersburg dining guide

For a quick snack or a night on the town, St. Petersburg has something to suit every taste.

St. Petersburg may not be renowned as a culinary capital, but city is beginning to grow a restaurant scene that it can genuinely be proud of. For visitors, there's a huge amount to explore, from traditional Russian cuisine in palatial surroundings to modern rooftop terraces serving international fusion menus.

Nonetheless, it's still quite easy to find eateries with bland overpriced food and execrable service, so don't expect to wander out of your hotel or apartment and straight into an attractive cafe. It pays to do research before you go out, which is why our local experts have chosen their favorite St. Petersburg dining spots in a variety of popular categories.

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From elaborate recreations of Tsarist-era fine dining to cheap and filling pancakes, St. Petersburg's Russian eateries offer treats to suit every taste and budget.
Fish is generally seen as a luxury in Russian cuisine, and St. Petersburg's fish and seafood restaurants include some of the city's best and most prestigious eateries.
The Caucasus region is an extraordinary gastronomic crossroads, and the rich culinary traditions of Armenia, Azerbaijan and especially Georgia are well represented in St. Petersburg.
English and Irish pubs have become a local specialty in St. Petersburg, offering a gentrified version of the traditional hostelry with imported beers and quite up-market food menus.
For visitors looking to survive on a tight budget in St. Petersburg there are some excellent options available, but it pays to plan your eating out in advance.
As more and more locals embrace a meat-free diet, St. Petersburg can finally offer visiting vegetarians a reasonable range of cafes and restaurants to choose from.
Soak up the magical atmosphere of St. Petersburg's White Nights at one of these recommended bars and restaurants with dedicated outdoor seating.
Whether you're renting a holiday apartment or looking to save on room service, you may well be grateful to know where you can get good quality take-out or food delivered in St. Petersburg.
If you're looking for a quick snack, St. Petersburg has plenty of international chains, as well as a few superior homegrown offerings to whet your appetite.