Just desserts - The pick of St. Petersburg's dessert cafes

For the sweet-toothed visitor, St. Petersburg has a huge and varied range of treats to discover, from traditional Russian delicacies to artisanal ice cream and fresh-baked international favorites.

Russia has a rich tradition of confectionery and baking, combining traditional Slavic rural desserts with spicier pastries and sweets adopted from its Asiatic neighbors, as well as classic French cakes and patisserie adapted to Russian tastes.

The recent boom in culinary enthusiasm and experimentation that St. Petersburg has experienced has also greatly expanded the choice of quality desserts on offer in the city, and visitors in search of a sugar fix are unlikely to be disappointed, especially if they follow the recommendations below.

Selected dessert cafes:

International, Desserts $$
A small chain of charming cafes with traditional bistro-style interiors, Schastye (the Russian for "happiness") offers a full menu of light cafe fare but specializes in superior cakes and desserts.
Cookie Shop
International, Desserts $
While clearly firmly aimed at children, Cookie Shop offers delights for sweet-toothed customers of all ages, with cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other tempting desserts all prepared on site.
Cake and Breakfast
Coffee, Desserts, Tea $
A popular downtown cafe that fully lives up to the promise of its name, serving a wide range of international breakfast options and desserts, as well as some traditional Russian favorites.
Desserts, Coffee, Tea, European $$
This small local chain of restaurants and cafes sells itself on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and offers a great range of cakes and desserts alongside simple savory fare.
Desserts, Coffee, Tea, Russian $$
A landmark St. Petersburg cafe with a history stretching back over a century, Sever could well be the best place in the city to sample the classic range of Russian cakes and pastries.
Coffee, Russian $
A labor of love for a local ice cream enthusiast, Otmorozhenoye serves craft ice creams in a huge variety of exotic flavors, including innovative and unexpected combinations of sweet and savory ingredients.
Waff and Love
Desserts, Coffee, Tea $$
For a unique dessert experience in St. Petersburg, head to this outlet near Palace Square, which serves Hong Kong-style bubble waffles with a wide range of fillings and toppings.
Pastries, Cakes, Desserts $
Founded in 2013 and quickly expanding to five locations around the city, this classically styled bakery and cake store prides itself on the quality of its ingredients and the inventive range of treats on offer.