Cake and Breakfast: Description

Cake and Breakfast in St. Petersburg, Russia

Cake and Breakfast takes two of life's purest delights and packs them into a single cozy venue. The menu includes exactly what the name suggests - this café specializes exclusively in breakfast delicacies and carefully crafted cakes. For breakfast, Cake and Breakfast has international staples like an English breakfast platter and various omelets, as well as traditional Russian choices like oladyi (thick pancakes made with cottage cheese), crepe-style blini, and several different types of porridges. The display case towards the back of the venue near the register is always filled to the brim with the products of the pastry chef's inspiration for the day. Standards include carrot cake, brownies, and lemon or cherry cakes, while cheesecake always makes an appearance on the weekends.

Type:Dessert Cafe, Cafe
Cuisine:Coffee, Desserts, Tea
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)