FermA: Description

  • FermA cafe in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • FermA dessert cafe in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • FermA restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • FermA in St. Petersburg, Russia

FermA cafes inject a welcome dose of idyllic rural life into the heart of St. Petersburg. The four locations of this small chain are each decorated in a manner reminiscent of a home in the French countryside. White painted wood and rustic accents transport diners far away from the concrete jungle and out into a place where life moves just a little bit slower. The restaurant at FermA offers classic, wholesome meals that incorporate fresh ingredients and traditional flavors. The café's menu features pizzas and pastas, a number of salads, and soups and hot familiar European entrees. In addition to its savory offerings, FermA is known for its desserts and baked goods, which include a delightful mix of fruit and chocolate fare. Some standouts from FermA's dessert menu are its fried white chocolate cake, sea buckthorn and apple dessert, and éclairs.

Type:Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery
Cuisine:Desserts, Coffee, Tea, European
Prices:Moderate ($21 to $50)