Waff and Love: Description

Waff and Love in St. Petersburg, Russia

The international hipster culinary revolution has well and truly arrive in St. Petersburg, and the city is undergoing a restaurant and streetfood boom, much of this consists of chefs testing the waters with culinary creations from all corners of the globe. This trend has spread to the dessert sphere also, with Waff and Love, a purveyor of Hong Kong-style bubble waffles, a prime example. This café, which is tucked away on a small street just off Nevsky Prospekt near Palace Square, has a create-your-own menu in which guests choose a waffle flavor, toppings, and filling for the waffle's "bubbles". The fillings and toppings range from wholesome fruits to popular candies like Bounty and M&M's. The toppings are wrapped up in the middle, making these Hong Kong waffles an easy to-go snack during a day of touring the city. In addition to its specialty waffles, Waff and Love has a substantial drink menu with tea and coffee drinks, lemonades, smoothies, and milkshakes.

Cuisine:Desserts, Coffee, Tea
Prices:Moderate ($21 to $50)