Sever: Description

Sever in St. Petersburg, Russia

Established in 1903, Sever is one of St. Petersburg's oldest bakeries and confectioners. The Sever selection is nearly endless, and its cakes and pastries can be found in supermarkets and shops throughout the city. Although Sever has a number of locations in St. Petersburg, its flagship store and café is located right on Nevsky Prospekt. The dining area at Sever extends back from the street, so what looks like a small area from outside actually has ample seating for all of Sever's customers. Whereas newer bakeries experiment with exotic flavors and foreign delicacies, Sever keeps its patrons loyal by adhering to a longstanding tradition of excellence in its homegrown baking techniques. Sever is most famous for its cakes, which come by the slice or as a whole and are topped with fruits, chocolate designs, and any number of different kinds of creams and frostings. Pastries from Sever run the gamut from traditional Russian "potato" chocolate treats to fruit tarts to fluffy cream puffs. When guests visit Sever and partake in the café's endless tarts and cakes, they are taking part in the long tradition of one of St. Petersburg's most respected and trusted businesses.

Type:Cafe, Bakery, Confectioner
Cuisine:Desserts, Coffee, Tea, Russian
Prices:Moderate ($21 to $50)