What does the St. Petersburg Concierge Service do?

Our Concierge Service allows you to exploit the knowledge and experience of our local experts to find information, source services and products, or in any other way facilitate your travel or business activities in St. Petersburg, simply by submitting a concierge request here. Our Concierge Service will consider any request that your submit.

Who provides concierge services?

The St. Petersburg Concierge Service is provided by our staff, which includes Russian and foreign experts with decades of combined experience as tour guides, booking agents and writers, providing advice and assistance to foreign travellers and business people in St. Petersburg and elsewhere in Russia. We are confident that our combined expertise makes us qualified to cope with just about any query or matter you wish us to deal with and, if not, than we can quickly find someone who is.

Why do I need to pay for concierge services?

Our Concierge Service is designed for complex trip planning or other queries that will take a minimum of several hours of work by our staff. We don't expect our users to pay for advice or answers to simple questions that can be provided in a few minutes by email, so if you have a simple query, please send it to us here.

When do I have to pay for concierge services?

After we have processed your concierge request and contacted you with a proposal for concierge services, we will ask you to provide details of a valid bank card. However, we will not charge your card until we have confirmed with you the number of hours required by our staff to process your request and completed the work we undertake to perform on your behalf.

How long will it take to process my concierge request?

The time it will take to process your request will depend entirely on the nature of the request and/or the complexity of the query you wish us to answer. We will, however, contact you within 48 hours of receiving your concierge request to give you a preliminary estimate of the time required to fully deal with your query. Our estimate will be based on our expert assessment of your request, but is not a guarantee. However, if we require more time to process your request, we will inform of this before proceeding with the additional work.

Can you guarantee to help with my request?

We can guarantee to do our best. Whether or not we can provide the information and/or assistance that you require will of course depend on the specific nature of your request. We will only charge you for concierge services, however, if we have fulfilled your request to your satisfaction. It may be that your request proves impossible to satisfy, for example if the services or information you are interested in are not actually available in St. Petersburg. In which case, we will only charge you, with your approval, once we are confident that we have exhausted all possible avenues in our attempts to fulfill your request.