Cemeteries of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg's historic cemeteries are the final resting place for a large number of prominent public figures, luminaries of science and culture, natives of other countries, and people who worked for the benefit of the Russian state. Their tombstones, monuments, and memorials were often created by talented craftsmen and are real works of art. The most famous historical cemeteries are the Novodevichy, Volkovskoe, and Smolenskoe Cemeteries, and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Magnificent tombs and other markers commemorate the places where emperors and members of their families, noble lords, military heroes, and other worthies are buried. Visiting the tombs in the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery is a must for any tourist in St. Petersburg. Those interested in the history of World War II may want to dedicate a little extra time because there are more than fifteen military cemeteries and memorials in the city as well.