Asteria Hotel

Where in the city is the hotel located?

The Asteria Hotel is located in the historic centre of St. Petersburg on the Fontanka River Embankment about 20 minutes' walk south of Nevsky Prospekt.

What's the nearest metro station to the hotel?

The nearest metro stations to the Asteria Hotel are Sennaya Ploshchad on the blue line, Sadovaya on the purple line, and Spasskaya on the orange line. All three are on Sennaya Ploshchad, about ten minutes' walk from the hotel.

How do I get to the hotel from Pulkovo Airport?

The Asteria Hotel is around 15km from the international terminal Pulkovo. Guests travelling by taxi or pre-book a transfer can expect a journey of 30-50 minutes. Alternatively, take a bus from either terminal to Moskovskaya Metro Station. Buses Nos. 3, 13, or 113 serve Pulkovo-2 (from the bus stop to the left of the arrivals lounge exit) and the 39 bus runs from outside Sector B of the arrivals at Pulkovo-1. From Moskovskaya, take the blue line and north travel six stops to Sennaya Ploshchad. Turn left out of the metro and left down Ulitsa Efimova. Follow the street to the Fontanka River and turn left - the Asteria is about 200m along the embankment.

How do I get to the hotel from Moskovsky Station?

The Asteria Hotel is just over 2km from Moskovsky Station. By taxi or transfer, the drive to the hotel will take about 15 minutes. If you prefer to use public transport, take the metro from Mayakovskaya Station, connected to the mainline concourse, and travel one stop west on the green line to Gostiny Dvor. Change there to Nevsky Prospekt and the blue line and travel south one stop to Sennaya Ploshchad. On exiting the metro, turn left and then left again onto Ulitsa Efimova. Walk to the Fontanka River, turn left up the embankment, and walk the final 200m to the Asteria.

How do I get to the hotel from Ladozhsky Station?

It is approximately 8km from Ladozhsky Station to the Asteria Hotel. To reach the hotel by taxi or pre-booked transfer will take around 30 minutes. Alternatively, it is a direct journey on the orange line five stops west from Ladozhskaya Metro Station to Spasskaya, about ten minutes' walk from the Asteria Hotel. Exit the metro via Sennaya Ploshchad Station and turn left down Ulitsa Efimova. Continue down the street until you reach the Fontanka River and turn left. The Asteria Hotel is two blocks away along the embankment.

How do I get to the hotel from Vitebsky Station?

Vitebsky Station is less than 1km from the Asteria Hotel, and it is possible to walk from the station to the hotel in under 15 minutes. On leaving the station, turn right up Zagorodny Prospekt and take the third left along Gorokhovaya Ulitsa. Cross the Fontanka River, turn left up the embankment, and the Asteria is the fourth building on your left. If your luggage requires you to take a taxi or transfer, the drive will take 5-10 minutes.

Where can I get Internet access at the hotel?

Hi-speed internet access is offered in all rooms at the Asteria Hotel.

Where can I park near the hotel?

Limited street parking is available outside the Asteria Hotel.

Does the hotel have satellite television?

All rooms at the Asteria Hotel have satellite TV, with channels including English-language news.

How do I get from the hotel to the Hermitage?

It is possible to walk from the Asteria Hotel to the Hermitage (right out of the hotel and right down Ulitsa Gorokhovaya) but it will take around 30 minutes, so guests will probably prefer to take a bus or trolleybus from the corner of Ulitsa Gorokhovaya Ulitsa (about 50m from the hotel). The K187 marshrutka currently runs from there to Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya, right next to the visitor entrance of the Hermitage in the west wing of the Winter Palace.

How do I get from the hotel to the Mariinsky Theatre?

While it is undoubtedly easiest to take a taxi to the Mariinsky from the Asteria Hotel (the drive will take around 10-15 minutes), guests who wish to save money can walk to the Griboedov Canal on the far side of Sennaya Ploshchad (about 15 minutes), where marshrutka minibus services run to the theatre.

What visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

It is possible to walk to many of St. Petersburg's most popular visitor attractions from the Asteria Hotel. 25 minutes' walk along Ulitsa Gorokhovaya will bring guests to the Alexander Garden in front of the Admiralty, with St. Isaac's Cathedral about 200m to the left and Palace Square about 200m to the right. Closer to the hotel, the Bolshoy Drama Theatre is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building only 50m along the Fontanka River Embankment. A further five-minute walk brings you to the Lomonosov Bridge and the magnificent ensemble of buildings by Carlo Rossi that makes up Ploshchad Lomonosova.
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