The Seven Bridges

The opening of the grand bascule bridges across the Neva River is a nightly cause for celebration in the summer in St. Petersburg, with hundreds of visitors and locals gathering after midnight every evening along the central embankments to watch the bridges rising.

Raised 'wings' of Palace (Dvortsovy) Bridge and tour boats on Neva River in St Petersburg, Russia
Raised 'wings' of Palace (Dvortsovy) Bridge and tour boats on Neva River

This river trip, especially popular during the White Nights in June and early July, gives you the chance to join a carnival of pleasure boats out on the Neva River and watch the bridges - Palace Bridge, Trinity Bridge, Liteiny Bridge, Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, Alexander Nevsky Bridge, Sampsonievsky Bridge and Annunciation (Lieutenant Schmidt) Bridge - opening from the water, as well as the cargo ships sailing between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga. Most tours are accompanied with live music.

Tour operators:Astra Marine, Driver, St. Petersburg River Tram, Neptun
Languages available:English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Chinese, Italian
Timetable of bridge openings:here
Travelling time:app. 1.30hr