Russ Hotel

Where in the city is the hotel located?

The Russ Hotel is situated in the north of the historic centre, on a quite side street just over ten minutes' walk from Nevsky Prospekt and close to the Summer Garden and the Fontanka River.

What's the nearest metro station to the hotel?

Chernyshevskaya, on the red line, is roughly 400m from the hotel. From there it is one stop to Ploshchad Vosstaniya, for Moskovsky Station and Nevsky Prospekt.

How do I get to the hotel from Pulkovo Airport?

If you are travelling by taxi or pre-booked transfer, then the 22km drive from the airport will take 40-50 minutes. Alternatively, there are bus services from both terminals to Moskovskaya Metro Station. From there, travel north on the blue line five stops to Tekhnologicheskiy Institut. Change to the red line and continue north four stops to Chernyshevskyaya, which is just over five minutes' walk from the Russ Hotel.

How do I get to the hotel from Moskovsky Station?

Moskovsky Station is roughly 1.5km from the Russ Hotel. By taxi or pre-booked transfer, the journey will take 10-15 minutes. If you prefer to use public transport, take the metro from Ploshchad Vosstaniya (connected to the mainline station) and travel one stop north on the metro to Chernyshevskaya. From there it is just over five minutes' walk to the Russ Hotel, right along Kirochnaya Ulitsa, left down Ulitsa Mayakovskogo, and then third right onto Artilleriyskiy Pereulok.

How do I get to the hotel from Ladozhsky Station?

The Russ Hotel is around 8km from Ladozhsky Station. Guests travelling by taxi or pre-booked transfer face a drive of around 20-30 minutes. By public transport, take the metro from Ladozhskaya Metro Station and travel four stops west on the orange line to Dostoevskaya. Change there for the red line, and continue your journey north two stops to Chernyshevskaya. On exiting the metro, turn right down Kirochnaya Ulitsa and then first left down Ulitsa Mayakovskogo. Artilleriyskiy Pereulok is the third street on your right, and the Russ Hotel is on your left.

How do I get to the hotel from Vitebsky Station?

From Pushkinskaya Metro Station, next to the mainline station, take the metro north three stops to Chernyshevskaya, which is just over five minutes' walk from the Russ Hotel.

Where can I get Internet access at the hotel?

WiFi Internet access is available for a fee in the lobby of the Russ Hotel.

Where can I park near the hotel?

Guarded off-street parking is available for a fee at the Russ Hotel.

Does the hotel have satellite television?

All rooms at the Russ Hotel have satellite TV including English-language news channels.

How do I get from the hotel to the Hermitage?

It is possible to walk from the Russ Hotel to the Hermitage by heading straight along Ulitsa Pestelya until it becomes the embankment of the Moika River, and then following the river round to Palace Square. This very picturesque route will take around 30 minutes, and guests may prefer to walk down to Nevsky Prospekt and take a bus. Almost all buses and trolleybuses from the stops next to Liteiny Prospekt four stops west along Nevsky to Malaya Morskaya Ulitsa, a few steps from the archway of the General Staff Building. The archway leads through to Palace Square, with the Winter Palace opposite. The visitor entrance to the Hermitage is at the western end of the building.

How do I get from the hotel to the Mariinsky Theatre?

The simplest way to reach the Mariinsky Theatre by public transport is to walk down Ulitsa Maykovskogo from the Russ Hotel until you reach Nevsky Prospekt, and then take a 3, 22, or 27 bus seven stops (20-25 minutes) to the bus stop right outside the theatre.

What visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

It is only a few steps from the hotel to Preobrozhenskaya Ploshchad, the site of the attractive neoclassical Transfiguration Cathedral, which was built on the orders of Empress Elizabeth in thanks for the Preobrozhenskiy Guard's assistance in the coup that brought her to the throne. At the other end of Ulitsa Pestelya, just over five minutes' walk from the Russ, is the charming Church of St. Panteleimon the Healer, which has survived almost unaltered since 1734, making it one of the oldest in the city. Just before the church on the right is the magnificent building of the Stieglitz Art and Industrial Academy, one of Russia's most prestigious art schools, which also houses the Museum of Applied Art. Crossing the Fontanka River from the church, guests will find on one side the Summer Garden and, opposite, the extraordinary Mikhailovsky Castle, which was built for the ill-fated Emperor Paul, later became the Institute of Engineering, and now houses part of the collections of the State Russian Museum.
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