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Pastries, Cakes, Desserts, Sandwiches, Snacks $
Bushe is a chain of bakeries and cafés well-known for their high-quality fresh bread and extensive range of pastries and other baked snacks.
Cafe Singer
International, Russian $
Located on the first floor of Dom Knigi, this popular cafe is a haven for book-lovers, with beautiful interiors and great views.
Caffe Italia
Italian $
A stylish Italian-owned cafe with a motorcycle theme, serving excellent pizzas, pasta and desserts.
Cake and Breakfast
Coffee, Desserts, Tea $
A recommended cafe near Chernyshevskaya metro station serving a wide range of international breakfast options and cakes of all varieties.
Cannelle Bar
European $$$
Offers large variety of cocktails and drinks, good selection of snacks and desserts. Restaurant menu is also available.
Caucasian, Uzbek $
Uzbek restaurant on the Fontanka River Embankment that's been popular for over a decade.
Uzbek $$
This colourful restaurant offers authentic and extremely filling Uzbek cuisine, reasonably priced and centrally located.
Carl's Jr.
American $
A chain of popular American burger bars that is slightly more expensive than rivals, but worth it for filling burgers and free drink refills.
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Caviar Bar
Russian $$$$
This elegant bar and restaurant at the Grand Hotel Europe offers a unique experience for those that can afford it.
European $$
Features a wide variety of international cuisine in a sports bar style setting, and includes regular broadcasts of football matches and other sporting events.
International, Russian $$$
A renowned restaurant in the seaside suburb of Repino, Chaliapin now has a second venue in the centre, offering up-market traditional Russian cuisine.
Conchita Bonita
Mexican $
A lively cellar restaurant and club with a friendly atmosphere, serving a fair approximation of Mexican food and a wide range of popular and very potent cocktails.
Cookie Shop
International, Desserts $
Child-friendly cafe offering a great range of cookies, cakes, muffins, and other sweet treats. Cakes are also made-to-order for special occasions.
Da Albertone
Italian $$
An Italian restaurant serving tasty, home-cooked classics, Da Albertone is one of the most popular places to eat near Palace Square.
European $$
Coffee Defe is one of the better and more exotic cafes in the city, which includes a rich assortment of coffees and teas individually prepared and served in a unique Mundo Maya style interior.
Deja Vu
French, Jewish, Russian, Thai $$
Serves a wide selection of classical Russian and European cuisine in a cabaret club style setting, which is comprised of four different dining halls.
European, Georgian, Russian $$$$
Traditional Russian, Georgian and European cuisine is served in this restaurant’s historically themed interior. Live music plays most evenings.
Demyanova Ukha
European, Fish, Russian $$
This renowned fish restaurant has been in business since the 1970s, serving mostly locally sourced fish to simple recipes with no-frills interior design and service.
Denisov and Nikolayev
European, Russian $$
A stylish restaurant and cafe attached to a well-known local confectioners, Denisov and Nikolayev serves a range of Russian and European dishes.
European $$
Serves varied fare in a quiet and intimate atmosphere, which includes regular live performances of Russian romances.
British $$
A large English pub with a gourmet restaurant upstairs, Dickens has a wide range of imported beers and a varied menu of good quality food.
Dickens Restaurant
British, European $$$
Above the extremely popular pub, this expensive restaurant has the atmosphere of a Victorian club and is a good place for business meetings.
Double B
Coffee, Tea, Desserts $
Double B is a Moscow-based chain that's beginning to dominate the Russian market, while retaining its commitment to high quality beans and expert brewing.
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European, Serbian $$$
St. Petersburg's only Serbian restaurant, Drago is not conveniently located for most visitors, but has a sterling reputation for high-quality food and its extensive wine list.
Dve Palochki
Asian, Sushi $
The most successful of St. Petersburg's sushi chains, Dve Palochki also serves a range of Pan-Asian dishes, and has several central locations, most with outdoor seating.
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Displaying results: 26 - 50 of 213