Monument to Andrey Sakharov

The nuclear physicist, Soviet dissident and human rights activist Andrey Sakharov was born and bred a Muscovite, and spent nearly all his life in that city. However, it was here in St. Petersburg that the first Russian monument to this towering figure of the late Soviet period was erected.

Monument to Andrey Sakharov (nuclear physicist and dissident) in St Petersburg, Russia
Monument Andrey Sakharov (nuclear physicist and dissident)

In 1996, the small square at the northern end of the Twelve Colleges (St. Petersburg State University) was renamed Ploshchad Akademika Sakharova (Academician Sakharov Square), and in 2003 this bronze statue of the scientist by sculptor Levon Lazarev was unveiled, in the very heart of St. Petersburg's academic community.

Getting there:Turn right on exiting the metro and walk to the end of Sredniy Prospekt. Turn right along the embankment and take the second street on your right (Ulitsa Birzhevaya Liniya). Walk down the street around 200m onto Ploshchad Akademika Sakharova.
What's nearby? Twelve Colleges (St. Petersburg State University), Monument to Mikhail Lomonosov, Kunstkammer, Old Stock Exchange, Academy of Sciences