Giovanni Battista Scotti

Decorative painter
Born: 1776 (?)
Died: St. Petersburg - 1830

Known in Russian as Ivan Karlovich, Scotti was a monumental decorative painter of the classical school, who worked with many of St. Petersburg's leading architects, including Carlo Rossi, Luigi Rusca, and Vincenzo Brenna. His father, Carl Scotti, came to St. Petersburg in 1786 to work as a decorative painter, and trained both his sons, Giovanni and the younger Domenico, to follow in his footsteps.

Scotti provided ceiling frescoes for St. Michael's Castle (1797-1800). Between 1803 and 1808, he produced decorative landscapes in the Grand Palace at Pavlovsk and paintings in the Church of Alexander Nevsky at Anichkov Palace. He went on to paint decorations in Tavricheskiy Palace, Yelagin Palace, Mikhailovskiy Palace, the Admiralty, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Mining Institute. Unfortunately, almost none of his works have survived, the main exception being his decorations for Luigi Rusca's Kochneva House, now a concert hall.

Works: Kochneva House

Connected with: Carlo Rossi, Vincenzo Brenna, Luigi Rusca