Antonio Vighi

Born: France - 1764
Died: St. Petersburg - 1844

Most famous for his murals decorating the interiors of several palaces in St. Petersburg, Vighi was a member of the Academy of Saint Luke in Rome invited to Russia in 1799 by Emperor Paul I to work on the decoration of St. Michael's Castle. There he met Carlo Rossi, with whom he would collaborate extensively in the following decades. In 1822 he painted interiors at Yelagin Palace and in 1823-25 the White Room in Mikhailovsky Palace and halls at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As an icon painter, from 1822 to 1825 he painted icons for the St. Nicholas Chapel in Yelagin Palace, the St. Michael Chapel in Mikhailovsky Palace, and for the Prince Vladimir Cathedral. Vighi's decorations can also be seen in the Winter Palace, the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo, the Alexandrinsky Theatre, and the the Mariinsky Palace.

Works: Malachite Room (Winter Palace, Hermitage Museum), White Hall (Mikhailovskiy Palace, State Russian Museum), Porcelain Hall (Yelagin Palace), Antonio Vighi Hall (Yusupov Palace)

Connected with: Carlo Rossi