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European, Russian $
The St. Petersburg branches of an extremely popular Moscow chain of cafe-clubs with a menu of inexpensive Russian food and a huge variety of cultural events.
This chain of French bakeries is one of the best places in St. Petersburg for patisserie, and also does good fresh sandwiches and quiches.
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Happy Bob
Jamaican $
Cheap and cheerful cafe-restaurant with a reggae theme, serving tasty Jamaican-inspired cuisine in a cosy atmosphere.
Dve Palochki
Asian, Sushi $
The most successful of St. Petersburg's sushi chains, Dve Palochki also serves a range of Pan-Asian dishes, and has several central locations, most with outdoor seating.
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Soup Vino
French, International, Italian $
This tiny central establishment has an extensive low-cost wine list, and serves simple but tasty soups, pasta, and snacks to accompany.
Cafe Singer
International, Russian $
Located on the first floor of Dom Knigi, this popular cafe is a haven for book-lovers, with beautiful interiors and great views.
Caffe Italia
Italian $
A stylish Italian-owned cafe with a motorcycle theme, serving excellent pizzas, pasta and desserts.
Conchita Bonita
Mexican $
A lively cellar restaurant and club with a friendly atmosphere, serving a fair approximation of Mexican food and a wide range of popular and very potent cocktails.
International, Italian $
A well-established cafe with good cheap food and a fun atmosphere, hugely popular with students and young travellers.
A chain of coffee and cake shops serving an impressive range of sweet treats at a variety of central locations.
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Russian $
Traditional Russian cuisine served in surroundings done up to look like a peasant hut. Live entertainment in the evenings.
European $
Ostensibly a whiskey bar, this small, friendly basement joint has long been popular for its bargain prices and pleasant atmosphere.
Russian $
Chain of quite elegant cafes serving fresh-baked traditional Russian pies and pastries with a wide variety of sweet and savoury fillings. Take-out and delivery also available.
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Fresh Point
International $
Growing chain of sandwich bars serving freshly-prepared sandwiches, wraps, salads, soup and more to take out or eat in. Attractive interiors and friendly service, but prices are comparatively high.
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Pastries, Cakes, Desserts, Sandwiches, Snacks $
Bushe is a chain of bakeries and cafés well-known for their high-quality fresh bread and extensive range of pastries and other baked snacks.
Bulka Khleba
Pastries, Cakes, Desserts, Sandwiches, Snacks $
No-frills, low-cost chain of bakeries offering a traditional selection of good-quality fresh breads and pastries at very reasonable prices.
Bulochniye F. Volcheka
Pastries, Cakes, Desserts, Sandwiches, Snacks $
Growing chain of artisanal bakeries offering a wide selection of high-quality breads and baked goods, including traditional Russian options and more international treats.
Pastries, Cakes, Desserts, Sandwiches, Snacks $
Independent bakers and café on Vasilevskiy Island with charming atmosphere and excellent fresh-baked breads and pastries to eat in or take away.
Surf Coffee
Coffee, Tea, Desserts $
A popular downtown coffee bar with a surf-and-skate theme, offering a range of exotic and original brews.
Coffee, Desserts $
A small and simply fitted coffee shop just of Nevsky Prospekt, Pitcher is a haven for serious coffee-lovers, with high-quality classic brews and an enticing range of flavored coffees.
Pif Paf Coffee
Coffee $
A popular downtown bar with an extensive menu of cocktails and light meals, Pif Paf has particular appeal for coffee-drinkers, with an exclusive range of specialty coffees.
Radosti Kofe
Coffee $
Offering riverside views and a great selection of cakes and desserts, Radosti Kofe also lives up to its name with a gourmet range of coffee-based drinks.
Double B
Coffee, Tea, Desserts $
Double B is a Moscow-based chain that's beginning to dominate the Russian market, while retaining its commitment to high quality beans and expert brewing.
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Displaying results: 26 - 50 of 213