Bulka Khleba: Description

Bulka Khleba in St. Petersburg, Russia

Bulka Khleba is a no-frills bakery chain with locations all over the city center and the outskirts of St. Petersburg. These cafes are stylized to have a rustic look and, although the atmosphere is nothing to write home about, Bulka Khleba is nonetheless a perfectly serviceable place to enjoy a decent coffee or tea and a nice pastry. Bulka Khleba has a solid selection of baked goods, which includes a traditional Russian range of white and black bread, sweet and savory pastries made from yeast and phyllo doughs, and more complex dessert items like cookies, brownies, and various cakes. Glass cases show off the complete assortment, letting guests choose with their eyes (and their noses). Bulka Khleba boasts a commitment to modern baking techniques, and this promise of quality shines through in its breads and pastries, which possess freshness, great taste, and fine texture.

Type:Bakery, Confectioner
Cuisine:Pastries, Cakes, Desserts, Sandwiches, Snacks
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)