LavkaLavka is a farmer's co-op that sells produce from small independent farms around St. Petersburg and all over Russia, including meat, dairy, fish, and vegetables. Orders for food can be placed on their website, delivered to your door for a fee, or collected from downtown restaurants that use the project as their main supplier. You can also pick up your orders from LavkaLavka's "gastronomic salon" on the Petrograd Side, where people are encouraged to visit a variety of culinary events, chat with staff and sample produce. In the summer months, LavkaLavka operates a kiosk on New Holland Island, where they also have a vegetable garden.

LavkaLavka farmer's co-op in St. Petersburg, Russia

Given the parlous state of agriculture in Russia, particularly for small farmers, there's no questioning the worthiness of the LavkaLavka project, nor the quality of the produce on offer, but even those used to paying extra back home for slow-food, organic, ethically produced goods may be a little taken aback by the prices at LavkaLavka.