Kuznechny Market

Kuznechny Market in St. Petersburg, Russia

Housed in a charming 1920s neoclassical building, Kuznechny Market has the reputation of selling the best meat, fruit and vegetables in St. Petersburg, and supplies several of the city's top restaurants. If you wish to visit a St. Petersburg market for the experience alone, this is one of the best, as well as being conveniently located.

This atmospheric market offers rows overflowing with fresh produce and the opportunity to try goods before you purchase. It's also the place to go for harder-to-find groceries such as goat's cheese or a whole goose. None of the traders at Kuznechny Market, nearly all of whom hail from the Caucasus, advertise fixed prices on goods, so you will need your wits about you to avoid overpaying. Even the most accomplished haggler will find prices at Kuznechny fairly high, however, but they are generally matched by the quality of the produce.