City Markets in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg's grocery markets are a key feature of the city's history and, although they have been superseded in popularity by the ever-increasing number of large supermarket chains, are still among the best places to buy high-quality fresh produce, especially in the downtown area. Moreover, St. Petersburg's markets boast exotic atmosphere and, in some cases, beautiful architecture that make them worth visiting as much for sightseeing as for shopping.

Unsurprisingly considering the climate, grocery markets in St. Petersburg are indoor, occupying a large central hall, although some spill over into smaller outbuildings and stalls on the street. The backbone of market trading is fresh agricultural produce, meat, fish, dairy products, pickles and preserves. Most St. Petersburg markets also have stalls selling honey, dried fruit and nuts, and spices. Some also offer household goods, clothing and even pets. Many of the vendors at St. Petersburg's city markets do not display fixed prices, so market shopping requires a command of basic Russian or rare confidence in your haggling skills.