Okhtinskaya Hotel

Where in the city is the hotel located?

The Okhtinskaya Hotel is located on the north bank of the Neva River, close to St. Petersburg's historic centre.

What's the nearest metro station to the hotel?

The nearest metro station, Novocherkasskaya, is around 2km from the Okhtinskaya, so guests are advised to use overland public transport to get around the city. The hotel provides a free shuttle service to/from Ploshchad Vosstaniya mornings and evenings.

How do I get to the hotel from Pulkovo Airport?

It is approximately 20km from Pulkovo International Airport to the Okhtinskaya Hotel. As the only public transport option is by bus, metro, and bus again, guests are strongly recommended to book a transfer or take a taxi. The journey will take 40-60 minutes.

How do I get to the hotel from Moskovsky Station?

The Okhtisnkaya Hotel is just over 4km from Moskovsky Station. Guests who have pre-booked a transfer or are taking a taxi can expect a drive of around 20 minutes. The hotel also has a free shuttle service running to/from the station several times every morning and evening.

How do I get to the hotel from Ladozhsky Station?

For guests with no knowledge of Russian or St. Petersburg, it is undoubtedly advisable to pre-book a transfer to the Okhtinskaya Hotel. The 3km journey will take 15-20 minutes. There are also marshrutka minibuses running from the stop outside Ladozhskaya Metro Station to Bolsheokhtinskiy Prospekt, and you can ask the drive to stop right next to the hotel.

How do I get to the hotel from Vitebsky Station?

Vitebsky Station is about 5km from the Okhtinskaya, and the drive to the hotel for guests travelling by taxi or pre-booked transfer will take 20-30 minutes.

Where can I get Internet access at the hotel?

Currently, the only place to access the Internet at the Okhtinskaya Hotel is in the business centre, where there are PCs for the use of guests.

Where can I park near the hotel?

Guarded off-street parking is available at the Okhtinskaya Hotel.

Does the hotel have satellite television?

All rooms at the Okhtinskaya Hotel have satellite channels, including English-language news.

How do I get from the hotel to the Hermitage?

Guests wishing to explore the historic centre from the Okhtinskaya Hotel are advised to use the city's bus network. The best option is to take the free shuttle bus from the hotel to Ploshchad Vosstaniya and Nevsky Prospekt. From there, take the metro one stop from Mayakovskaya to Gostiny Dvor, and walk the final ten-minute stretch up Nevsky Prospekt to Palace Square and the Hermitage.

How do I get from the hotel to the Mariinsky Theatre?

As both the Okhtinskaya Hotel and the Mariinsky Theatre are not particularly well served by public transport, guests are strongly advised to book a taxi for trips to the theatre.

What visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

Although the Okhtinskaya Hotel is some way from St. Petersburg's most popular visitor attractions, it does have spectacular views across the Neva River to the splendid, Baroque Smolny Cathedral, one of Bartolomeo Rastrelli's most impressive creations.