Star search: St. Petersburg hotels by star rating

Choose your St. Petersburg hotel according to the stars

As explained elsewhere, at SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM we set little store by star ratings as an absolute standard for hotels in St. Petersburg, because the official Russian system that awards stars differs considerably in its criteria from equivalent organizations in most of Europe and North America, and because many hotels in the city continue to either ignore star ratings in their own publicity or, in some cases, make up their own star ratings.

Nonetheless, it's clear that many of our users prefer to search for St. Petersburg hotels according to star ratings, so to help them we have set out below the hotels we feature in accordance with star classifications as used by our booking partners,

Five-star hotels

St. Petersburg's 5-star hotels for the most part live up to the standards that international travelers would expect from the highest available rating, although in a few cases facilities fall well short of the normal criteria for this category.

Four-star hotels

The hotels in St. Petersburg that claim 4-star status vary widely, from large international chains for business travelers to small, private hotels with minimal facilities. In general, the extra star does denote a higher standard of in-room comfort, at least.

Three-star hotels

Hotels assigned three stars in St. Petersburg include several of the large properties built in the Soviet era, but also an increasing number of smaller downtown hotels offering good value and, in many cases, very respectable levels of comfort and style.

Unrated hotels

There are still some hotels in St. Petersburg that have either not gained an official star rating or do not bother to advertise it. While the majority are unlikely to be of interest to foreign travelers, there are a handful of small private hotels that are well worth considering.