Meeting Facilities

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

The Grand Hotel Europe is one of the most prestigious venues in St. Petersburg for corporate events and banqueting. Regularly used for major political and diplomatic events - including Vladimir Putin's Meeting of Six Presidents in 2002 - the Grand Hotel Europe offers impressive and superbly equipped space for all types of meeting and event, from the spectacular Kryscha Ballroom to intimate and elegant boardrooms. The staff at the Grand Hotel Europe has vast experience in facilitating high-class meetings and functions, and can offer a wide range of refreshments and luxurious catering options to suit your event. The Tchaikovsky, Gorky, Pushkin and Dostoevsky halls are part of the Grand Hotel Europe's Conference Center, a separate facility on.

Equipment available for all halls:
  • Projection screen
  • Overhead projector
  • Slide projector
  • PA System (3 microphones)
  • Additional microphones
  • Radio mics
  • Simultaneous translation system
  • Video-LCD Projector
  • CD player
  • Laser pointer

Conference Halls

Bringing to mind the ballroom of an old-fashioned luxury cruise liner, the 300-square-meter Kryscha Ballroom has a beautiful arched glass roof and elegant turn-of-the-century decor. Ideal for large-scale banqueting and receptions, the Kryscha Ballroom can be combined with the adjoining Kryscha Terrace, and is also suited to larger presentations and conferencing, with flexible seating and a full range of technical equipment. More details ›››
Square: 300 m2
Maximum capacity: 250 people
An anteroom to the Kryscha Ballroom, the Terrace has fine views over the city, and similarly elegant decor to the ballroom. It is laid out around a bar, and can be used for cocktails, for coffee breaks, or for separate banqueting. More details ›››
Square: 250 m2
Maximum capacity: 150 people
This supremely elegant meeting room has dark-wood paneling, beautiful 19th century furnishings, and an antique harp for decoration. Measuring 60 square meters, it is ideal for an intimate reception or refined banqueting. More details ›››
Square: 60 m2
Maximum capacity: 40 people
The Grand Hotel Europe's Billiard Room has an unusual medieval design, with heavy wood paneling and tapestry covered walls. Measuring 56 square meters, it is designed to be used for small receptions or private banqueting. More details ›››
Square: 56 m2
Maximum capacity: 30 people
Square: 56 m2
Maximum capacity: 40 people
A simple, elegant meeting room with high ceilings and plenty of natural light, the pale blue Gorky Room measures 40 square meters, and can be used for seminars, conferencing, and smaller receptions. More details ›››
Square: 40 m2
Maximum capacity: 24 people
This elegant formal meeting room adjoining the Lidval Room can be used for board meetings or for private banqueting. Decorated in traditional style, it has a classical frieze around the lintels. More details ›››
Square: 25 m2
Maximum capacity: 10 people
This simple but elegant meeting room measures 48 square meters, and has attractive formal decor and flexible seating for smaller meetings, seminars and conferencing. More details ›››
Square: 48 m2
Maximum capacity: 32 people
Square: 30 m2
Maximum capacity: 18 people
Elegant and ergonomic, the 43-square-meter Dostoevsky Room is decorated in a formal traditional style, and is ideally suited to smaller presentations or seminars. More details ›››
Square: 43 m2
Maximum capacity: 24 people