Dostoevsky Hotel

Where in the city is the hotel located?

The Dostoevsky Hotel is located on Vladimirsky Prospekt, a short walk from Nevsky Prospekt and the Fontanka River.

What's the nearest metro station to the hotel?

The Dostoevsky Hotel is right next to Dostoevskaya Metro Station. On the orange line, the station is connected to Vladimirskaya on the red line, providing easy access to all St. Petersburg's mainline stations.

How do I get to the hotel from Pulkovo Airport?

It is approximately 17km from Pulkovo, the international terminal, to the Dostoevsky Hotel. To reach the hotel by taxi or pre-booked transfer will take 30-50 minutes. If you prefer to use public trasnport, buses run from both terminals to Moskovskaya Metro Station. From there, travel north on the blue line five stops to Tekhnologicheskiy Institut. Change to the red line (across the platform) and continue north two stops to Vladimirskaya. The Dostoevsky is just across the road from the metro.

How do I get to the hotel from Moskovsky Station?

It is 1.5km from Moskovsky Station to the Dostoevsky Hotel. By taxi or pre-booked transfer, the drive will take about ten minutes. Alternatively, take the metro from Ploshchad Vosstaniya (accessed from the mainline station concourse) and travel one stop south on the red line to Vladimirskaya, which is right opposite the hotel.

How do I get to the hotel from Ladozhsky Station?

From Ladozhskaya Metro Station, take a westbound train and travel four stops on the orange line to Dostoevskaya, which is right next to the Dostoevsky Hotel. If you prefer the comfort of a taxi or pre-booked transfer, the 8km journey will take 20-30 minutes.

How do I get to the hotel from Vitebsky Station?

Vitebsky Station is around 1km from the Dostoevsky Hotel, and guests travelling by taxi or transfer can reach the hotel in less than ten minutes. If you prefer to use the metro, it is one stop north on the red line from Pushkinskaya Metro Station (next to the mainline concourse) to Vladimirskaya, across the road from the Dostoevsky.

Where can I get Internet access at the hotel?

Hi-speed Internet connections are available in all rooms at the Dostoevsky Hotel. For guests not travelling with laptops, there are PCs with Internet access in the hotel's business centre.

Where can I park near the hotel?

Secure parking is available for guests at the Dostoevsky Hotel.

Does the hotel have satellite television?

All rooms at the Dostoevsky Hotel have satellite TV, including English-language news.

How do I get from the hotel to the Hermitage?

The fastest way to reach the Hermitage by public transport is to take the metro from Dostoevskaya Metro Station (next to the hotel) and travel one stop west on the orange line to Spasskaya. Change there to the blue line and head north one stop to Nevsky Prospekt. Exit the metro from the front of the train, and it is about ten minutes' walk up Nevsky Prospekt to the archway of the General Staff Building, leading through to Palace Square. The visitor entrance to the Hermitage is in the west wing of the Winter Palace, across the square.

How do I get from the hotel to the Mariinsky Theatre?

Take the metro from Dostoevskaya, right next to the hotel, and travel one stop west on the orange line to Spasskaya. Exit the metro onto the Griboedov Canal, where marshrutka minibuses wait to take you directly to the theatre (about ten minutes away).

What visitor attractions are located near the hotel?

The Dostoevsky Hotel is so named because it is in the heart of the neighbourhood where St. Petersburg's most famous novelist lived and set the action of many of his works. As well as a memorial to the author in front of Vladimirskaya Metro Station (opposite the hotel), there is the Dostoevsky Apartment Museum on Kuznechniy Pereulok, just past the metro, and opposite the hotel is the magnificent Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, where the writer and his family used to worship.