Recommended restaurants for travel groups

St. Petersburg now has an enormous number of restaurants, cafes and bars with a choice of dining experiences and levels of service that were unimaginable just a few years ago. However, not all St. Petersburg's eateries are capable of hosting larger travel groups, and of those that are, many rely for trade on backhanders to tour organizers rather than quality of service and catering.

Among the restaurants that do specialize in hosting groups, however, there are several excellent options that have the capacity and professional experience to provide your group with a superior and original dining experience. This can include the flexibility to cope with unexpected changes in scheduling or ensure complex pre-arranged menus are delivered successfully. Below you will find listings of some of the restaurants we particularly recommend for travel groups or, if you prefer, you can proceed directly to submitting a Group Travel Request, and our local experts will put together a full dining program as part of our proposal.