Dining and entertainment for groups

Catering arrangements and evening entertainments can be as important to your group's comfort and enjoyment as accommodation and sightseeing tours. At SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM we can provide in-depth and up-to-the-minute knowledge of what's available in St. Petersburg in terms of group entertainment, as well as recommendations for the best restaurants capable of hosting larger groups, helping your group to avoid over-priced tourist traps, disappointing service or poor-quality cuisine.

In St. Petersburg, local expertise is particularly important for arranging group dining and entertainment, as the industry is much less developed than in most major tourist destinations. Our local travel experts keep a close eye on what's available, and can provide recommendations for anything from classic traditional dining and evening entertainment to more unusual and exclusive experiences for more adventurous travelers. Find more information about what we can help to arrange by following the links below, or get our specific advice for your travel group by submitting all details in our group travel request form.