Miso: Description

Miso Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia

Sushi, the height of fashion in the Russian culinary world a decade and more ago, has now become omnipresent as fast-food in St. Petersburg and there are very few establishments left in the city serving the classic Russified version of this Japanese snack with good quality ingredients. For that reason alone, Miso, with two branches in somewhat obscure corners of the historic centre, is worth seeking out.

Miso's solid reputation rests on its rolls and nigiri sushi, which are not only prepared from fresh fish and free of the more offensive local gimmicks (mayonnaise and dill, for example) but also very generously sized. The California crab rolls, with a generous portion of minced crab meat, are particularly recommended. As the restaurant's name would suggest, soups are also a specialty, with five types of miso on offer and several other spicy Asian varieties. Their Tom yam has real bite and plenty of prawn, although inexplicably lacking in fresh herbs.

Slightly more expensive than the big sushi chains, Miso is unquestionably worth the extra money. Even more so on weekdays, when there is a significant discount on the menu at lunchtime. While it may not satisfy sushi purists, for anyone else Miso is an excellent place for a healthy, tasty, filling meal.

Cuisine:Asian, European, Sushi
Prices:Moderate ($21 to $50)