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Video Gallery St. Petersburg

Video Gallery

We welcome you to our new online collection of movies about the magnificent St. Petersburg.

To watch one of the video clips, simply click on the PLAY button, located under the description of the video you would like to play. To download the video on your computer and watch it later, simply click on one of the PC DOWNLOAD or MAC DOWNLOAD buttons located under the description of the video.

To see the panoramas you will need QuickTime 4.0 or higher, which can be downloaded free of charge here.

A Day In St. Petersburg

Day in St. Petersburg Just barely 300 years old St. Petersburg amazes with its rich cultural heritage and pleasant atmosphere. This is a place where history, the arts and everyday life merge in perfect harmony creating an unforgettable experience for you to enjoy... (4:35 min)

 240x180 QT movie 7,64 Mb

 320x240 QT movie 17,4 Mb

Magnificent Peterhof

Peterhof, St. Petersburg With over 200 fountains scattered all over the park, gilded statues and extraordinary palaces Peterhof was masterminded by Peter the Great and cherished by Russian Czars ever since. Arguably, the seaside Peterhof Royal estate can successfully rival the parks and palaces of Versailles... (2:59 min)

 240x180 QT movie 4,74 Mb

 320x240 QT movie 10,8 Mb

When Water Meets Fire: Festival In Peterhof

Festival in Peterhof, St. Petersburg Only twice a year - in late May and early October - one can witness a spectacular show held at Peterhof park which combines the powerful fountains, centuries-old statues, superb performing arts, colorful illumination and fantastic firework displays. To avoid the crowds, watch it on video... (2:16 min)

 240x180 QT movie 3,59 Mb

 320x240 QT movie 8,34 Mb

The Royal Splendor Of Tsarskoye Selo / Pushkin

Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), St. Petersburg The 18th century which started with Baroque splendor, continued with the concepts of Enlightenment and ended with the French Revolution saw the rise of the Tsarskoye Selo, the suburban Royal estate South of St. Petersburg. The splendid Catherine Palace with the Amber room and Baroque interiors truly dazzles the eye... (3:22 min)

 240x180 QT movie 5,4 Mb

 320x240 QT movie 11,8 Mb

Pavlovsk: A Neo-Classical Haven

Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg This 18th century countryside estate was a family home of the Grand Duke and later Emperor Paul I, the son of Catherine the Great. The Grand Palace is a jewel of Neo-Classical architecture, while the park combines peaceful Russian landscapes with elegant pavilions and innovating landscaping techniques. (2:48 min)

 240x180 QT movie 4,48 Mb

 320x240 QT movie 9,83 Mb

Untouched By Time And Troubles: Lomonosov Parks

Lomonosov Parks, St. Petersburg The only park-and-palace estate in St. Petersburg that was virtually untouched by the WWII damage, Lomonosov amazes with the authenticity and elegance of its palaces, pavilions and parks. Just a stone's through from the Baltic Sea, this is a real 18th century gem... (2:18 min)

 240x180 QT movie 4,12 Mb

 320x240 QT movie 8,74 Mb

Gatchina: A Forgotten Jewel

Gatchina, St. Petersburg The brainchild of Emperor Paul I, Gatchina was meant for massive army parades and wild hunting parties. Instead it turned into a elegant combination of a quiet lakeside park and a vast, but rich Royal palace, which had seen many artistic influences which all left its mark here... (2:25 min)

 240x180 QT movie 3,88 Mb

 320x240 QT movie 8,76 Mb

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