Migration card

This small form has to be completed (in English or Russian) in duplicate before you go through Russian passport control. At major airports, this process is now handled automatically for you and you will be handed a printed stamped migration card at passport control. If you are entering Russia by train, then you will be provided with a migration card by the conductor before you reach the border. Otherwise, you will be able to find migration cards in stands in the waiting halls for passport control at border points.

The form for migrations cards is fairly self-explanatory. The "Address (host organization) in Russia" is the address of the organization that issues your visa support documents. For example, if you book accommodation and order your visa support through this site, then the address will be: Saint-Petersburg.Com, Inc., 154, Prospekt Engelsa, St. Petersburg.

When you present your migration card at passport control it will be stamped and one half will be returned to you. You must retain this during your trip and submit it at passport control when you leave the country. As will all other travel documents, we strongly recommend that you make photocopies of your migration card in case of emergency.

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