Narodovolets D-2 Submarine

Commissioned into the Baltic Fleet in 1931, the Narodovolets was a diesel-electric, torpedo-carrying submarine that saw active service on four missions during the Second World War, launching 12 torpedo attacks and sinking four enemy vessels. Since 1993, the Narodovolets has been mounted in concrete near the Shkiperskiy Canal as a memorial to the heroism of submariners in the Baltic Fleet. Guided tours lead visitors through the submarine's authentic interiors, giving visitors the chance to get a full hands-on experience of life on board in the first half of the 20th century.

  • D-2 Narodovolets Sumbarine museum in St Petersburg, Russia
    Narodovolets Sumbarine museum
  • Historic submarine open to the public in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    Historic submarine accessible to the public
  • Interior of the submarine-museum in St Petersburg, Russia
    Interior of the submarine-museum
  • Torpedo launcher compartment at the submarine-museum in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    Torpedo launcher compartment at the submarine-museum
  • Engine room in the D-2 Narodovolets submarine in St Petersburg, Russia
    Engine room in the D-2 Narodovolets submarine
Location:10, Shkiperskiy Protok
Telephone:+7 (812) 356-5266
Open:Daily from 10am to 6pm
Closed:Mondays and Tuesdays
Admission:Adult: RUB 350.00. Student: RUB 200.00
Photo and video:Free
Accessibility note:Not suitable for wheelchair-bound or motion-impaired visitors