St. Petersburg hostels: Classification system

At Saint-Petersburg.Com, we divide the hostels we list into three categories or classes – Superior, Standard and Budget. As budget is the key factor for most travelers considering hostel accommodation, it is also the main criterion for our classification system, although other factors including overall quality, atmosphere, service and convenience are also taken into consideration.


The cheapest hostels we list on our website are not the cheapest in St. Petersburg – those are generally reserved for migrant workers from the former Soviet republics, who are willing (or obliged) to live in conditions that most foreign travelers would balk at. For our purposes, budget hostels provide clean, no-frills dorm accommodation (and in some cases separate rooms) with no great concern for style or atmosphere. In some instances, budget hostels include reasonably stylish and comfortable properties that charge less for accommodation because they are situated away from the most popular tourist areas or from metro stations. Hostels in the "Budget" category are likely to be used predominantly by Russian travelers, and are unlikely to offer much in the way of extra services or entertainment programs. The English-language skills of staff may also be minimal.


This category covers the majority of hostels in St. Petersburg. Hostels in our "Standard" category are guaranteed to have recently renovated premises and modern furnishings, usually IKEA or similar. Standard Hostels provide comfortable, clean accommodation, self-catering facilities, and other basic extra amenities like laundry or simple concierge services. Staff are guaranteed to speak some English, but are more likely to be efficient than exceptionally friendly. Clients are likely to be a mix of Russian and foreign guests, travelling for business as well as pleasure. Standard hostels may excel in either atmosphere and welcome, or in comfort and furnishings, but not in both areas. Standard hostels include most of St. Petersburg's larger properties (with over 50 beds).


We classify as "Superior" hostels that offer both designer interiors and exceptional service from staff. These properties offer a truly unique experience of St. Petersburg, with staff going above and beyond to provide personalized attention to guests, a wide range of extra services, and in most cases an active and engaging calendar of social events. Superior hostels are fitted and furnished with attention to detail and original designer interiors. In Superior hostels, staff are guaranteed to have good English-language skills, and may speak other foreign languages as well. Superior hostels nearly all have private rooms, often with en-suite bathrooms, and for many travelers can offer a more appealing accommodation experience than most hotels.