St. Petersburg hostels: FAQ

Can I book hostel accommodation with Saint-Petersburg.Com?

We do not currently provide our own booking service for St. Petersburg hostels. Instead, you can use our website to compare prices and book with some of the world's leading trusted booking services, giving you the optimal combination of choice and security. We can also, if required, help you with more complex bookings (for groups or extended stays) by contacting with hostels directly and negotiating on your behalf.

I'm looking for hostel accommodation for a group of travellers. How can Saint-Petersburg.Com help?

As well as providing links to trusted booking services, we can also assist you in arranging accommodation for travel groups, in hostels as well as in hotels or vacation apartments. If you provide us with details of your group's travel plans, we will contact the accommodation provider (hostel) directly and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible rates for your stay in St. Petersburg.

I'm travelling on a tight budget. Are hostels the cheapest accommodation available?

As a rule, hostels provide the cheapest accommodation available in St. Petersburg. However, depending on your requirements and the specific details of your booking (particularly if you are booking for more than one person) you may find that there are other, cheaper options available in the city, or options for a similar price that better suit your requirements. To compare accommodation options for your budget and your travel dates, please use our St. Petersburg accommodation search.

There's a problem with my hostel booking. Who should I contact?

If you have any problem with your hostel booking, whether before you travel or during your stay in St. Petersburg, your first recourse should be to the hostel itself or to the service you used to book your hostel accommodation. However, in case of emergency or if you are unable to obtain a satisfactory resolution to your problem, you can also contact our Customer Services Team at any time for assistance, either by phone (+7-812-380-2478) or email.