Hostel accommodation for travel groups

In the last decade, hostels have become a thriving industry in St. Petersburg, with the range of options available and the average quality of hostel accommodation improving immeasurably. As a rule, hostels are the preferred choice for younger travelers on tight budgets, but the range of hostel accommodation now available in the city center means that this may also be an appealing option even for older and more discerning travelers.

At SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM, however, we keep a close eye on developments in the hostel market. More than with other types of accommodation, hostels rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth and customer feedback as marketing tools. This means that the best established hostels are usually heavily oversubscribed, especially in high season, and able to charge rates well above the local average, but it also means that new hostels yet to establish their reputation can offer exceptional bargains on high quality accommodation. Our local experts can help you to find such deals, and negotiate on your behalf for further discounts for your group. To find out more about how we can help with hostel accommodation, please complete our Group Travel Request form.