Group transport in St. Petersburg

Local transport services are often the last thing you consider when arranging group travel. However the quality of transport can make a huge difference to your group's comfort and enjoyment of their time in St. Petersburg. To ensure your group gets transported reliably and comfortably from A to B in St. Petersburg, let us help you access the best in local transport services.

At SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM, we work only with reliable and respected local transport providers, ensuring clean and comfortable modern vehicles, as well as polite and presentable staff with a thorough knowledge of the city's road network. This is particularly important in St. Petersburg, where traffic jams and parking can cause considerable problems and delays for less experienced drivers. We regularly review the transport market, and can also guarantee that all the transport providers we work with offer competitive prices by local standards. Our commission for group transport services is 15 % of the total cost of services ordered. This is clearly marked on billing to help you see where your group's budget is going.

Follow the links below to find out more about the most common types of transport requested for travel groups or, if you have more specific transport requirements, please complete our group travel request form to find out more about what we can offer.