Group tours and travel experiences in St. Petersburg

There's a huge amount for your group to do and discover in St. Petersburg, and at SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM our local travel experts can provide invaluable assistance to ensure that your group gets the very most out of their time in the city, from high-quality sightseeing tours with engaging and entertaining tour guides to unique and unusual travel experiences.

At SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM, we have decades of combined experience arranging tours and activities for travel groups in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. We can help you choose off-the-peg tours from reputable local tour agencies, or put together your own bespoke tour for your group, with assistance finding the necessary transport and recommended tour guides. To find out in more detail how we can help your group, follow the links below or proceed directly to filling out our group travel request form, so that our local travel experts can offer their recommendations for your group.