Nicola Michetti

Born: Venice - 7 December 1675
Died: Rome - November 12, 1758

An Italian architect working in the late-baroque style, Nicola Michetti began his career in Rome under Carlo Fontana. By 1718, Michetti was in Saint Petersburg at the behest of Peter the Great and, with the death of Jean-Baptiste Leblond, Michetti stepped into the position of chief architect for all construction works in Saint Petersburg and the surrounding area. Michetti completed the original Summer Garden, begun by Leblond, although the current layout owes much to Carlo Rossi's reconstruction. Of his major works, only Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn remains totally intact. Michetti stayed in St. Petersburg no more than five years before he was compelled to return home at the personal behest of the King to Italy.

Works: Constantine Palace (Strelna), Grand Cascade (Peterhof), Aviary (Peterhof), Pyramid Fountain (Peterhof), Sheaf Fountain (Peterhof), Sun Fountain (Peterhof), Adam Fountain (Peterhof), Eve Fountain (Peterhof)