Ludwig Stieglitz

Portrait of Ludwig Stieglitz

Born: Arolsen, Germany - 24 December 1779
Died: St. Petersburg - 18 March 1843

Ludwig Stieglitz was the son of German Jewish banker to the court of the Prinicipality of Waldeck. As a young man Stieglitz moved to Russia as a representative of his father's business. He became court banker to Emperor Alexander I and by his hard work gained the trust of the Tsar and won many Russian decorations.

Stieglitz was conferred the rank of a hereditary baron on 22 August 1826, thus becoming Ludwig von Stieglitz, with an estate in Courland (Lithuania). After the death of Alexander I, Stieglitz continued working as a banker to Nichloas I. Stieglitz invested in many different industries including steam navigation, financing a shipping line between St. Petersburg and Lubeck. His son, Alexander von Stieglitz, continued the family business and would eventually become head of the Russian State Bank. Both father and son were well known as philanthropists.

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