Joseph-Gaspard Lambert de Guerin

Engineer, general
Born: ?
Died: ?

Joseph-Gaspard Lambert de Guerin was a French-born engineer who, in 1701, entered the service of Peter the Great according to a contract signed in Warsaw with the Russian ambassador. The next year Lambert accompanied Peter to Arkhangelsk and took part in the siege of Noteborg, and in 1703 he personally directed the siege of Nyenschantz. Lambert helped Peter the Great choose a location for the building of St. Petersburg and was further instrumental in the design of the city by providing the first plans for the Peter and Paul Fortress. In 1706, he accompanied the Tsar to Poland after which he received permission to go to Danzig (now Gdansk), Berlin and Copenhagen to look for talented officer-engineers for the Russian army. However, he refused to return to Russia because he claimed, of the slights directed toward him by some of the nobles. The refusal of Lambert to return to Russia enraged Peter the Great and the Tsar forbade the engineer to wear any of the decorations he had received in Russia and ordered his arrest. In 1711, Lambert was arrested in the Kingdom of Prussia and accused of desertion, but he managed to escape to Italy. Later on, he repeatedly pleaded with Peter the Great to let him return to Russia. The Tsar never pardoned him and very often mentioned Lambert as an example of weakness of will and lack of thanks. Little is known about Lambert's later life.

Works: Peter and Paul Fortress (plan)

Connected with: Peter I