Znakomtes Joe: Description

  • Znakomtes Joe coffee shop in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Znakomtes Joe in St. Petersburg, Russia

Znakomtes Joe is actually a small part of Podpisnye Izdaniya, one of St. Petersburg's most popular independent booksellers. Podpisnye Izdaniya has racks of interesting, colorful titles, and while the collection is entirely in Russian, the shop also has a few fun souvenirs that are worth a peek. Lining the front window of this purveyor of literature is Znakomtes Joe, a tiny coffee shop that serves casual readers and people watchers. The mini café has only a few tables near its counter, but visitors can also take their cups to go or to the upstairs reading area of the bookshop. Znakomtes Joe serves espresso, iced coffees, cocoa, and a smattering of breakfast, lunch, and dessert items, but its claim to fame is its cold brew, with the café's special filtration system on display for all to see.

Type:Cafe, Coffee Shop
Cuisine:Coffee, Desserts
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)