Tsar-Pyshka: Description

Tsar-Pyshka in St. Petersburg, Russia

Tsar-Pyshka is a St. Petersburg donut chain with a few locations scattered throughout the city both in the center and on the outskirts. This donut "king" is best known for its fried snacks, which can be ordered plain, with fillings, or topped with cinnamon or chocolate. However, unlike many independent donut shops in the city, Tsar-Pyshka also has a full menu of pizzas, pies, soups, and even hot entrees. Here, one can enjoy lunch followed by a traditional Russian donut or just pop in to try a few pastries as a snack. Tsar-Pyshka has a decidedly more branded feel than many of the other donut shops in the city, so if you're looking for an authentic atmosphere, this café is better skipped. Still, if your goal is just to try a traditional St. Petersburg donut, Tsar-Pyshka most certainly fits the bill.

Type:Donut Shop
Cuisine:Donuts, Pastries
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)