Truffle: Description

  • Truffle cake shop in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Truffle Bistro in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Truffle in St. Petersburg, Russia

Truffle is one of many French-inspired pastry cafes lining the streets of St. Petersburg. The bright white interiors on the first floor of this pastry shop-meets-restaurant are spotted with decorative pieces that make the space look like the comfortable living room of a rural cottage in the French countryside. Frescos depicting idyllic scenes complete the look and feel, transporting a small St. Petersburg bistro to the meadows of Provence, at least on the inside. Truffle specializes in all things cake, offering pastries and sweets in its store and personalized cakes for special events. A trip to the second floor will lead you to Truffle's restaurant, which serves elegant dishes from the Russian and European culinary traditions. Truffle Restaurant raises the bar with its dishes - for example, while plain zucchini pancakes can be found in many restaurants in Russia, Truffle's chef delivers this dish with an elegant salmon twist, bringing new flavor and high sophistication into what is often quite stodgy Russian fare.

Type:Bakery, Confectioner, Restaurant
Cuisine:Pastries, Cakes, Desserts, Russian, European
Prices:Moderate ($21 to $50)