Rudy's Coffee to Go: Description

  • Rudy's Coffee to Go coffee bar in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Rudy's Coffee to Go in St. Petersburg, Russia

Coffee to go is gaining in popularity in St. Petersburg, and while most street stalls and vans hawking lattes and espressos are not worth a stop, Rudy's Coffee to Go, a stand that sits at the corner of Liteyny Prospekt and Ulitsa Belinskogo is a notable exception. Rudy's is an inexpensive coffee shop packed into a tiny space - it offers a solid cup of joe and a modest, yet high-quality selection of baked goods to on-the-go Petersburgers traversing the city center. Despite its unassuming appearance, Rudy's is a serious enterprise; the tiny stall has a regular rotation of interesting flavored coffees that make use of spices and fruit syrups to create unusual twists on the standard latte and sweet Raf coffee. The baristas know their craft and work fast to get their customers back on their merry way towards work or play.

Type:Cafe, Coffee Shop
Cuisine:Coffee, Desserts
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)