Rubisсookies: Description

Rubisсookies confectionery store in St. Petersburg, Russia

Rubiscookies is a bit of a misnomer, as this sweets shop sells not cookies, but a head-spinning collection of lollipops, candies, and chocolate truffles. The confectioners at Rubi's take candy to the next level with their creative pieces. The lollipop selection spans an entire wall and celebrates cartoon characters, pop culture icons, and even famous Russian figures, from Nikolai Gogol to Vladimir Putin. Other Russian kitsch items here include chocolate pelmeni dumplings and chocolate ruble coins and metro tokens. Beyond Russia-specific items, Rubi's is constantly conjuring up new truffle flavors that incorporate unusual fruits, nuts, and infused aromas. The staff behind the counter are seasoned confectionery experts who are happy to help in the selection of the perfect chocolate or candy set. Rubi's is the ideal place to find distinctive souvenir chocolates and sweets for friends and family back home.

Type:Confectioner, Sweets Shop
Cuisine:Candy, Chocolate
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)