Pyshka-Pyshka: Description

Pyshka-Pyshka in St. Petersburg, Russia

At Café Pyshka-Pyshka, the donuts are so nice, they're in its name twice. This small café sits on Vasilevsky Island close to the bridge leading over to the Petrograd Side. There's absolutely nothing pretentious about Pyshka-Pyshka. The café's menu is a simple collection of traditional Russian snack foods, including, of course, Petersburg-style donuts, plus sweet and savory pies and vatrushki, round pastries filled with sweet cheese. Guests order at the counter and are given the number of donuts requested, topped with a heaping of powdered sugar and a stack of napkins, which are certain to be useful in devouring such a greasy snack. An assortment of coffees, teas, and juices are available, and several tables as well as bar seating are provided for patrons, though you can of course also take the snacks to go. Pyshka-Pyshka only accepts payment in cash.

Type:Donut Shop
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)