Ponchkoff: Description

Ponchkoff in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ponchkoff is a stark departure from St. Petersburg's throngs of pyshechniye, or traditional donut shops. Whereas most shops in the city serve plain fried donuts sprinkled with powdered sugar, Ponchkoff is a boutique donut maker that bakes Western-style donuts with interesting flavors and toppings. Every Ponchkoff ring donut is soft and gooey, as they are made on site fresh every day. At this shop and café, you'll find mint donuts with bright blue frosting, pink-glazed raspberry donuts, and even varieties based named after popular candies - the Ponchkoff branding will also seem remarkably familiar to US visitors. Depending on the time of year, Ponchkoff always has a set of seasonal flavors to complement its year-round offerings. The donuts can be enjoyed inside the café or taken in a box to go. The word Ponchkoff is a combination of two Russian words - ponchik, which means donut, and kofe, which of course refers to coffee. On the coffee end, Ponchkoff has a full menu of espresso drinks and trained baristas brewing them up at each of its cafes.

Type:Donut Shop
Cuisine:Donuts, Pastries
Prices:Budget ($20 and below)